With a new strain of Corona… British scientists are concerned about the effectiveness of vaccines


An unnamed scientific advisor to the British government announced today that there are scientists who are concerned because they are not fully confident that the Covid-19 vaccines will work efficiently and effectively in protecting against the strain. A new virus has appeared in South Africa.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said earlier today that he is extremely concerned about the new strain. Public Health England did not respond to calls requesting comment for this report.

“According to a science advisor to the government, the reason Matt Hancock is so concerned about the new Covid-19 strain in South Africa is that they are not sure that vaccines will be as effective in preventing it as they are in preventing the strain,” said Beston. Al Jadida) in Britain. “

Britain and South Africa discovered two new strains of the emerging corona virus recently, which caused an accelerated spread of infection with the disease.

Scientists said that the new strain that appeared in South Africa is different from the strains spread in Britain because it witnessed many mutations and mutations in an important protein that the virus uses to infect human cells.

This new strain has also been linked to a greater concentration of virus particles in patients’ bodies, which may contribute to higher rates of disease spread.

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