The Corona strain that appeared in Britain is spreading in 50 countries

Corona Vaccine
Corona Vaccine

The World Health Organization said that the new strain of Corona virus, which was discovered in Britain for the first time, is today spread in nearly 50 countries.

The organization pointed out that a similar strain that was identified in South Africa is present today in twenty countries.

The United Nations organization also indicated that another “worrisome type” of the emerging corona virus has been detected in Japan that may affect the immune response and needs further investigation.

The organization said that since it was first reported on December 14 of the new strain, the mutated virus identified by Britain has been found in 50 countries, territories and regions. “The higher the virus spreads, the greater the chances of it mutating. High levels of transmission mean that we should expect more strains to emerge,” the organization said.

The WHO weekly report stated: “From the existing preliminary investigations in South Africa, it is possible that the new variant strain is more transmissible than the strains circulating in South Africa previously.” “Moreover, while this new strain does not appear to cause more serious disease, the observed rapid increases in the number of cases are putting health systems under pressure,” the report added.

The organization noted that the geographic spread of the two new strains was likely underestimated. The organization said that “research is underway to determine the impact of new variables on disease transmission and severity, as well as to determine any potential effects on vaccines, treatments and diagnosis.”

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