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Coronavirus Latest Updates
Coronavirus Latest Updates

France has crossed the threshold of ten thousand deaths of people infected with the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”, while the total number of infections in Europe alone is 750 thousand, or more than half of the global infections.

The French Director General of Health, Jerome Salomon, announced in a press conference on Tuesday evening that the death toll recorded in hospitals amounted to 7091 cases, an increase of 597 deaths within 24 hours, while the death toll in nursing homes reached 3,237 cases, raising the total toll To 10328 deaths.

“Salomon” added that the only good news is that the number of patients in intensive care continues to decline with 59 people (compared to 94 Monday and 140 Sunday).

But the health official warned: “We have not reached the peak since every evening, the number of patients in hospitals and those transferred to intensive care increases. We have reached a level that we have not previously reached in France. We are still in an upward stage even if it slowed down.”

And throughout Europe, more than 750 thousand cases of corona were recorded, including 58,627 deaths, out of a million and 438 thousand and 291 injuries in the world, and 82 thousand and 726 deaths.

These figures only reflect part of the actual outcome of the injuries, as many countries only conduct examinations for cases that require hospitalization.

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On Wednesday, Britain recorded 938 deaths with Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, 152 cases higher than the daily toll announced on Tuesday, exceeding the total death toll of the new Corona Virus virus on British soil, seven thousand deaths.

The British Minister of Health announced in a tweet that “as of five o’clock in the afternoon of the seventh of April, the death toll of corona virus emerging in UK hospitals reached 7097 cases,” noting that the total number recorded on Tuesday was 6159.

United State

In the United States of America, corona deaths increased to 12911, after 1918 new cases were recorded during the past 24 hours.

According to police officers in New York City, some residents threaten them with coughing and spitting on them if they try to enforce the safety regulations set by the authorities in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

And the United States ranks first in the world in the number of cases of corona with more than 400 thousand patients.


In Moldova, the Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Fiorica Dumbraviano, announced that Corona’s deaths had risen to 22, following the registration of a new death.

Dumbraviano added, in a statement, that the country had recorded 91 new infections in the past 24 hours, taking the total to 1056.

Meanwhile, the President of the country, Igor Dodon, announced at a meeting of the “Supreme Security Council” that Moldova will receive medical aid from Turkey and China.

Dodon explained that “the spread of Corona has affected the national economy.”


In Kazakhstan, the number of people recovering from the virus has risen to 50, following the recovery of three infected people in the past hours, according to the Ministry of Health.

The Minister of Health stated that Corona’s injuries decreased in the capital, Nur Sultan, and in the city of “Almaty”, compared to the increase in the rest of the country.

The government of Kazakhstan, in a statement, indicated that a Chinese medical team composed of 13 specialists will arrive in the country during the coming period, to help fight the virus.

The President of Kazakhstan, Qasim Gomart Tokayev, announced that his country is storing more than six thousand tons of foodstuffs, expressing readiness to provide them to the countries of Central Asia.

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In Azerbaijan, Corona’s injuries increased to 717, after 76 new cases were registered, according to the government’s “Corona Combat Headquarters”.

The deaths in the country as a result of the eight virus, after a new case was registered, while the recovered 44.

Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani President, decided to establish six hospitals dedicated to treating Corona patients.


In Uzbekistan, 32 new infections were recorded, taking the total to 504, according to the Ministry of Health.

Two people died due to the virus, while 30 recovered from it, while a Foreign Ministry spokesman said that 23 citizens were infected with Corona outside the country.


In Georgia, the government announced that Corona’s deaths had risen to 46, after 3 new cases were registered, compared to 195 injuries.

As of Tuesday evening, the number of Corona sufferers worldwide exceeded one million and 417 thousand, of whom more than 81 thousand died, while more than 301 thousand recovered.

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