Experiments to find a cure for the Coronavirus

corona test
corona test

Some scientists did some new experiments to try to find a new medicine to stop the novel coronavirus covid-19.

The experts at the University of Hongkonk (https://www.hku.hk/) performed some tests on the hamster mouse which have ACE2 protein similar to that of humans. The scientists believe the coronavirus uses this protein to spread in the body of humans.

These experiments main objective is to cure the patients by transferring blood from a person who got healed from the virus to other patients who are still struggling with the virus.

The scientists injected the SARS-COV-2 inside the bodies of these mice, and then afterwards they picked those that recovered and found out that it’s bodies produced antibiotics. Then they injected sick mice with the blood they extracted from the recovered mice. The sick mice recovered in turn.

The scientists realized that the sick mice which received the blood from the recovered mice had mild symptoms and were ten times less than the sick mice which did not get the blood transfusion.

They hope that this approach will help humans recover from the virus just as the mice did.

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