Coronavirus Updates: last 24 hours


Thursday, the number of people infected with the newly created Corona virus globally exceeded two million and 94,000, of whom more than 135,000 died, while about 521,000 recovered.

The United States remains at the forefront of the world in terms of injuries and deaths, followed by Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Britain.

Isolation and monitoring of disease infections, both visible and hidden, are the most important means used worldwide to contain the spread of the virus, and some countries have been distinguished in conducting tests on a large scale.

Iceland leads the world’s countries in terms of examinations relative to the population, by 10.2 percent. It has performed 37,386 tests, 1,727 people have been confirmed infected, 1,077 have recovered, and eight have died.

In terms of easing restrictions, the Swiss government said today, Thursday, that it will gradually start from April 27 to reduce the fundamental restrictions imposed last month to tackle the Corona virus.

She explained that it would allow hospitals to work in all sectors.

The third stage will include the opening of secondary and vocational schools and universities as of June 8.

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