British Intelligence speculates that Coronavirus was leaked from a Wuhan Laboratory.

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According to the daily mail newspaper (, the British Intelligence supports the theory that the Coronavirus was leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. However, it does not diminish the probability that the Coronavirus was transmitted to humans by  animals.

The newspaper indicated that there are two laboratories in the Chinese city of Wuhan, one of which is located 3 miles from the wildlife market, and the other one 10 miles away, and is supposed to be one of the safest labs in the world.

Scientists at the Wuhan Institute were the first to indicate that the virus’s genome was 96 percent similar to a genome common in bats.

There were unconfirmed local reports that the laboratory staff were sprayed with blood, and then passed on the infection to others.

The city’s second institute, the Wuhan Center for Disease Control, which is around  three miles from the market, have experimented with bats to check for the transmission of the Coronavirus.

And the American biological safety expert, Professor Richard Ebright, saw that scientists from these laboratories studied viruses without adhering to safety precautions, and said: “This requires a Category 4 protection level, but they used only the second category.” He added that this category is not suitable for such tests  and provides minimal protection against infection.

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