A specialist calls for not worrying about the waning of the effectiveness of “Corona” vaccines

covid vaccine
covid vaccine

A respiratory specialist spoke of concern about the diminishing effectiveness of vaccines against the “Corona” virus.

And the gradual decline in immunity after receiving the second dose is not a cause for concern, and it is not, as is portrayed, that the decline is proceeding at a rapid pace, said a specialist in viral respiratory diseases at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, Ann Falsey.

And she continued, according to what was reported by CNN: “It is not as if people suddenly become one day, they are infected just as they were before they received the vaccination.”

“All COVID-19 vaccines are standing up well – Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson – on the lookout for severe disease,” she said, noting that this does not mean that we may not eventually reach a point where we really need to get booster doses to prevent more severe disease.

“The majority of vaccine breakthroughs are colds, possibly a flu-like illness – not the dreaded symptoms we were previously experiencing,” she noted.

“So my main message is, ‘Don’t panic. You’ll be fine,'” Falsey said.

The United States and other countries have approved the third booster dose against the “Corona” virus, but without making it mandatory.

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